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William Howard's Instrument (Deed) #5222

My ancestor, William Howard, purchased LOT C, East Gore, Township of Grimsby, Lincoln County Ontario, Canada.

From the index:

Number of Instrument:  #5222
Instrument:  Bargain And Sale
Instrument Date:  17 May 1817
Date of Registry:  19 June 1817
Grantor:  Nathaniel Griffin
Grantee:  William Howard
Quantity of Land:  24 a 3r (my best interpretation)

Information extracted from Instrument #5222 [links added]:

19 June 1817
Oath of John Beam
Nathaniel Griffin of the Township of Grimsby, County of Lincoln, District of Niagara, and Province of Upper Canada, Yeoman....sold unto William Howard, of the Township, County, District and Province aforesaid, Hatter.....certain piece, parcel or tract of land lying and being in the Township of Grimsby aforesaid, being part of Lot number Three in the Gore, and containing by a measurement twenty-four acres, tree Roods/Rods and nineteen Perches...more or less...beginning at a large white oak tree in the rear? of the second concession.....
Witness: John Beam, of the Township of Clinton County and Province aforesaid, Merchant and Jeremiah Cutler of the Township of Saltfleet County and Province aforesaid, Carpenter, and is hereby required to be registered by me William Howard the Grantee -- 17 May 1817...
[William Howard signed his name]

Note:  Apparently William Howard already lived in Grimsby; was he renting or is there another deed transaction to be found that would tell me where he previously lived?  This instrument stated that William Howard was a "Hatter," which was news  to me.

This property was later sold by William Howard's widow, Mary, to their son, Reverend Isaac Brock Howard.

Number of Instrument: #13990
Instrument:  Bargain And Sale
Instrument Date:  30 November 1863
Date of Registry:  1 December 1863
Grantor:  Mary Howard, Widow
Grantee:  Isaac Brock Howard

According to this message board, Christine Beam married Nathaniel Griffin [who sold the property to William Howard].  It also included the information below:

Lincoln, The Story Of An Ontario Town by William F. Rannie, "In the year 1790, William Kitchen, who had settled on Lot C, East Gore of North Grimsby, joined forces with Beam in building a grist & saw Mill. It stood on the Kitchen farm, Beam advancing the sum of 20 pounds, 10S.  The mill was a long, one-storey building west of the Thirty Mile Creek."

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