Saturday, April 22, 2017

Donald Cameron, Lot 25, 2nd Concession

Heir and Devisee C-1152

Image 30 
Claim #61
Donald Cameron, of the Township of Lancaster, Yeoman
Lot 25; 2nd Concession
Original Nominee: Alex'r Cameron

Description Category Of Claim #61

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Catherine And Wallace Backus Included In Deed 3-25

Groton, Tompkins, New York:

3-25 [Image 344]
19 Apr 1866

Benjamin Ladd
Catherine Backus and Wallace Backus, her husband
First Part
Sophia Ingalls and George Ingalls, her husband
Louisa Freeman and Frank W. Freeman, of Cortland County, New York
Henry Judson of the Second Part

..owned by Isaac Main...deeded by S. S. Welch to Isaac Thompson...