Monday, October 22, 2018

Petition #78

Upper Canada Land Petitions (1763-1865)
Microform: c-2043
[Image 397]

22nd October __96
Petitions of Butler's Ranger

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Petition Of Mary Ashburn

Upper Canada Land Petitions (1763-1865)
Microform: c-1609 (Image 725)
Petition #14

21 October 1797
The Petition of Mary Ashburn, of Charlottenburg, and Daughter of John Lammie, Loyalist...

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Opportunity In Surveying Texas

"Soon after my [Adam Rankin Johnson] arrival [in Texas* about 1854], I became acquainted with a party of surveyors and attached myself to them, thinking it the best opportunity I would find in a new, sparsely-settled country to make a living, and reflecting that increasing immigration would bring many men into the community, and that perhaps the majority of these would acquire ownership of land which a surveyor would have to lay off."

*Burnet County, then called Hamilton Valley

Burnet County, Texas, Source (Library of Congress)
Pressler's map of the state of Texas
Galveston, Tex. : Jones, Root & Co., 1862.
Notes-  "General Land Office, Austin, November 18th 1857."
[See Link For Map Of Texas]

Friday, October 19, 2018

Alexander McDonell Moved To Nova Scotia

Heir and Devisee : H-1133:

Image 102 and 103
Alexander McDonell moved
19 October 1803

John McDonell, Balmain, for the lot No. 29 in the 11th Concession of Lancaster, purchased by the said John McDonell from Alexander McDonell, the original Nominee...

Alexander McDonell set off for Nova Scotia where he means to reside...

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Duncan Cameron, Macomb County Deed 34-796

Macomb County, Michigan
Recorded: 8 December 1858
Duncan Cameron, by Administratrix
Martin H. Bennett

State of Michigan, County of Macomb...Margaret Cameron, Administratrix...(date of probate 18 October 1858) in village of Ashley, Macomb, Michigan (Chesterfield township)...subject to dower of widow of the deceased....

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