Saturday, July 21, 2018

Probate Of Clemens' Will, Deed 30-260

Probate Of John A. J. Clemens' Will
Macomb County, Michigan
Recorded: 20 February 1855

Last Will and Testament
John Antoine Joseph Clemens, of Macomb County

...five hundred dollars to the German Roman Catholic Church new building in the township of Warren, Macomb County, Michigan, on my farm
...three hundred dollars to the St. Marys Hospital under the charge of the German School Sisters of Notre Dame
....three hundred dollars to the St. Marys Hospital under the charge of the Sisters of Charity, in the City of Detroit
...two hundred dollars to Peter Ant, which shall be for all his dues and demands which he may have or bring against me
...I give the rest and Joseph Haelzell the half part of my remaining and to the sister of the said Joseph Haelzell, the other part, share and share alike...John Reno...sole executor...
(May be an incorrect copy; see notation in the margin of the deed)

(Another version at Macomb County, Michigan, Deed 30-175)
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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Matthew Howard's Son

19 July 1799
C-2107  Vol 251 A Bundle H  Petition 50  Image 654
William Howard, son of Matthew Howard, Elizabethtown
(Probably Not Our William Howard)

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Lapeer County, Michigan, Deed# 46-532

Lapeer County, Michigan
Deed# 46-532
18 July 1891
George and Alice Tozer of Deerfield, Lapeer County, Michigan
Cornelius Morris
Arch'd McKillop and Ellen Tozer, witnesses

Deerfield, Lapeer, Michigan, United States
George Tozer M 48 New York
Alice Tozer F 44 Canada West
John Tozer M 17 Michigan
Ann E Tozer F 13 Michigan
Hellen Tozer F 11 Michigan
Martha Tozer F 9 Michigan

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Assignee Of Hector McLean

Heir and Devisee:

H-1152 Image 49
Pittsburgh Township
17 July 1823

Archibald Norman McLeod, Esquire
Of Montreal, Lower Canada
An Heir At Law of John McLeod
Who was Assignee of
Lieut. Hector McLean