Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fernando & Sophia (Albert) White's Pittsburgh Property

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, Deeds
765-224 & 765-225
9 December 1891
Fernando and Sophia White
William J. Wright
19th Ward ...of Pittsburgh
Northerly side of Broad Street at line of Lot #16 along said line of Broad Street....Heberton Street....Lot #17.....Plat Book, Volume 6, Page 279....Which Charles Eble and wife by deed 4 June 1889 and Record Book Volume 654, Page 190 to Fernando White....

Allegheny Co., Deeds
Charles Eble ux and Hortense
Fernando White
4 June 1880
Deeded from Deed Book 555, Page 583

Naas, Hortense Spouse : Eble, Charles 
Date/Year of Marriage : 1875 
Location : Manhattan County : New York
Certificate Number : 4505

Fernando and Sophia (Albert) White were my husband Jim's great-grandparents.  Their son, Fernando James White and his wife, Amelia Cinderella McFadyen, were Jim's grandparents.  Margaret Dell White, daughter of Fernando and Amelia was Jim's mother.

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