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A Quit Claim Deed In Lapeer County, Michigan

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This Quit Claim deed SHOULD be Liber "88", Page 183, in the Lapeer County, Michigan, deed book (and I'm 98% sure that it is, but I would like to be 100% sure). I made the copy myself several months ago at the Lapeer County Recorder's office and forgot to make a notation on the back of my copy as to the Liber and Page where this document was found.

I do have my handwritten note:"3 January 1894 – QC from James L. & Rosa More to Addie M. Powers of Battle Creek, Liber "88", Page 183. The parties are the same and it is a Quit Claim deed. The dates don't match but that can be explained if the deed was "Made" on 11 December 1893, but was "Recorded" 3 January 1894, which is quite possible. So the deed below probably is Liber "88", Page 183, unless another deed was made between the same parties around the same time. I will try to confirm the Liber and Page next summer when I'm back in Lapeer. One of the reasons I'm posting all of this detail is to remember to check on this next summer and also as a reminder to be more careful in documenting my sources.

This deed provides corroborating evidence of familial ties. The fact that the deed is a Quit Claim deed suggests (but does not prove) a familial relationship between the parties. This site states that: "The quitclaim is often used among family members or from one joint owner to the other when there is little question about existing ownership, or just to clear the title."

The grantors, James L. More and Rosa B. More, are selling their interest in certain pieces or parcels of land to Addie M. Powers [my great-grandmother, Addie MORE Powers] and are relinquishing their interest that they may have in the estate of Mary More, deceased [sister of James L. More and Addie More Powers] and also all of their interest in the dower of Cynthia More [their mother who was still living as of 11 Dec 1893], widow of James More, deceased. The deed also suggests that the properties were originally owned by James More (& Cynthia More, his wife*). See the tax records below for additional evidence as to James More's ownership of the properties since he was the taxpayer of record in 1861 and 1862.

In the 1861 Tax Records of Metamora Township, Lapeer Co., MI:

Archives of MI, RG 89-75, Lot 4, Volume 282 (1861 – 1866)


MORE, James, E ½ of NE ¼ of Section 1, Town 6, Range 10 - 86 acres, Value $700; Personal Estate Value $160; TOTAL: $860

1862 - DRYDEN TWP.

MORE, James W ½ of NW ¼ 6-6-11 80 acres

MORE, James NE ¼ of NW ¼ 6-6-11

* An 1861 Michigan court case, not pertaining to the individuals in this blog, but an interesting excerpt relating to husbands and wives and property rights in 1861.

Since I have never found a marriage record for Cynthia Richmond and James More, only a reference to their marriage in a book about the History of Lapeer County, Michigan (1884), this deed is a legal document referring to Cynthia More and the widow of James More.

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