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The Gibsons of Lapeer, Including Hannah (Torrey) Gibson

For the most part the Gibson family lived in Lapeer County; several of them are buried in nearby Oxford Township, Oakland County, Michigan, in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery. This includes Marian (Gibson) More, mother of Kezzie and first wife of John F. More.

I have abstracted some "Gibson" Lapeer Co. deeds :

Lapeer Co., MI, Deed

Liber "N"


Date? ca 15 Dec 1856

John O. Bruce & Cynthia, his wife

QC to

Henry Gibson, all of Metamora

Witnesses: Adam Winegar, J.P. & Susan Winegar

Lapeer Co., MI, Deed

Liber "N"


Recorded: 15 December 1856

Made: 30 July 1855

Adams Gibson


Parley Gibson

Between Adams Gibson of Metamora, Lapeer Co., MI of 1st part and Parley Gibson of Erie County, New York, of 2nd part…


S ½ of NW ¼ of Section17 in Twn 6 North of Range 10 East, 80 acres

Witnesses: Amaziah Barlen? and Adam Winegar

Lapeer Co., MI, Deed

Liber "N"


Recorded: 15 December 1856

Henry Gibson of Metamora

QC to

Adams Gibson, of Metamora

S ½ of NW ¼ of Section 17 in Twn 6 North of Range 10 East, 80 acres

Lapeer Co., MI, Deed

Liber "T"


Recorded: 26 October 1863

Emily Brownell

Warranty Deed to

Adam Gibson

Witnesses: Charles Rich and Ellery Brownell

Lapeer Co., MI, Deed

Liber "T"


Recorded: 26 October 1863

Morris Gibson, of Metamora

Warranty Deed to

Adams Gibson of Hadley

Witnesses: Ellery A. Brownell, Fidelia Townsend and Henry Townsend

Orator Gibson was a party to these two deeds that I posted on the Ancestry message board here.

It appears that Orator Gibson who married Hannah Torrey was the head of household in 1850 in Lapeer County with his mother and siblings:

1850 MI Lapeer

Gibson, Orator, 28, b. NY

", Harriet, 49, b. NY

", Harriet, 18, b. NY

", George, 14, b. NY

", Sylvanus, 10, b. MI

Adam(s) Gibson, Orator's father, died in Lapeer County sometime before 27 Jany 1845 (probably 1839) per this Administrator's deed:

Lapeer Co., MI, Deeds
Liber "F", Page 299
Recorded: 22 Oct 1845
Made: 27 January 1845
Warranty Deed
Grantor: Adams Gibson, Administrators: Smithfield Buden & Harriet Gibson
Grantee: William H. Barnes
Witnesses: Orator Gibson & John Barnes

Orator Gibson's parents were Adams & Harriet (Holcomb) Gibson. Below is a deed executed by Adams & Harriet Gibson as grantors (to a resident of Erie Co., NY):

Lapeer Co., MI, Deeds
Liber "D" Page 229
7 October 1839 [Probably Recorded Date, note Date Made]
Adams & Harriet Gibson, his wife, Hadley, Lapeer
Gaylord Hatch of Alden, Erie, NY

A transcribed Mt. Pleasant (Oakland Co, MI) cemetery record lists Adams Gibson's date of death as 4 May 1839. (Published by N. Oakland Genealogy Society)

Were Henry Gibson and Adams Gibson brothers of Orator? Probably so (see probate file below). Henry & Adams Gibson are living together in 1850:

1850 MI Lapeer

Gibson, Henry, 25, b. NY

", Mary, 23, NY

Gibson, Adams, 20, b. NY

A Lapeer Co. probate file (presumably triggered by the death of Adams Gibson, Sr.) included the following information:

Lapeer Co., MI, Probate
FHC Film# 0975829
File #35
Henry Gibson, Bulah Gibson, Adam Gibson, Harriet Gibson, Jerome Gibson, George Gibson and Sylvanus Gibson, minors
Guardian: Orator Gibson
May 1844
Liber 1, Folio 116

On deeds both recorded on 15 December 1856, Adams Gibson granted property (quit claimed??) to Parley Gibson and Henry Gibson quit claimed property to Adams Gibson. When the deed was made to Parley Gibson in 1855 he (Parley) was living in Erie Co., New York. Henry and Adams Gibson were living in Metamora, Lapeer Co., Michigan. A later deed was made between Morris Gibson (son of Parley) of Metamora and Adams Gibson of Hadley.

Orator Gibson, b. Sept 1820, married Hannah Torrey, born 22 May 1828, on October 26, 1854 in Jefferson Co, New York. They were living in Lapeer County in 1860 with their children Jessie, Nellie and Eugene. In 1870 they were in Hadley Twp., Lapeer, with the 3 children listed as well as daughter Viola and sons Lewis, Charles and Alvin(Lee). Son Guy Gibson and Orator's mother Harriet Gibson lived with the family in 1880. Harriet (Holcomb) Gibson, b. 1803, died in Lapeer County on 15 Apr 1883.

An obituary for Charles Gibson, son of Orator & Hannah (Torrey) Gibson, was found on the Orion Twp. (Oakland Co.), MI, library site* here. Son Eugene Gibson died 22 Dec 1889 in either Utah or Branch Co., Michigan.

*Research Tip - The Orion Twp. Library is another good research resource for Lapeer Co.

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