Friday, November 7, 2008

Electus & Augustus Backus In Kent Co., MI, Deeds

While researching the Augustus Backus family for a post in my Detour Through History blog, I found some corroborating information pointing to a relationship between Augustus Backus and Electus Backus in the Kent County, Michigan, deeds, as abstracted here.
Backus, (Backens) Electus & Mary L. (w), by Augustus Backus Atty., Res.-----, Grantor. Jacob W. Arndt, Grand Rapids, Grantee. Convey Lot 37, 39, Spring St., Kent Plat, Grand Rapids. 26 Sept., 1854. Liber W Pg. 282

Backus, Electus & Mary L. (w), Detroit, Grantor. Augustus Backus, Westfield, Chataqua Co., N.Y. (Power of Atty.) Grantee. Convey Lots 304, 435, 152, on Ionia St., Lots 37, 39, Spring St., Lot 3, Almy St., Lot 3, Summit St., Grand Rapids. 11 May, 1853. Liber W Pg. 175

Colonel Electus Backus, the son of Col. Electus Backus who died in the War of 1812, married 1st. Sarah Brady and 2nd Mary L. Brady, both daughters of General Hugh Brady. Augustus Backus was the brother of the younger Electus.

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