Friday, August 29, 2008

Rutherford Hayes In Marion County, Ohio, Deed

My previous research in Marion County, Ohio, did not include deeds or land records (it was a long time ago, before I learned of their value). While looking to see what was available online, the following information was found:

Early abstracted deeds of Marion County, Ohio, can be found here; Rutherford Hayes (father of President Rutherford B. Hayes who was born in 1822 in Delaware Co., Ohio) was found as a witness to deed(s) in adjacent Marion County here. The elder Hayes died in 1822, a few months before the future President was born.

Modern day deeds/land records of Marion County can be found here (after registering); other records can be searched through the Auditor's site.

Since various newspapers list real estate transfers, another, more generic, search could be tried through GOOGLE'S newspaper archive search. Found through a search at the Marion Daily Star was this entry regarding land transfers:

The Marion Daily Star (Newspaper) - April 21, 1885
Real Estate Transfers. W. H. Dioksou to Elizabeth A. Bensfield, one acre in Tully township, J. J. Holland to John W. Lilley, lots and 30 in Morral, ...
The Rootsweb Archive search found miscellaneous entries containing information about deeds, land records, plats, etc.

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