Tuesday, January 26, 2016

How To Find The File Of The Heirs Of Captain Donald Cameron

Found in a database: CAMERON Donald (heirs of) 1848 *135 C 4 82 RG 1 L3 C-1735

See the list of **Digitized Microforms, including C-1735.

Check under the **"Help" file to break down the elements of each microfilm:
C-1735134C 3143 to 1921844-1846
C-1735135C 41 to 1001847
C-1735136C 4101 to 1381845-1848
On Microfilm# C-1735 there are 1277 images.
*"135" is in the middle of the film as is "C4"
82 is towards the end of the middle (1-100) of the middle grouping in the table above.

Started with Image 688 (turned out to be Petition# 30 and I needed Petition# 82 which started at IMAGE 998).

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