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Heirs Of Captain Donald Cameron

135 C 4 82  
RG 1 L3 
Microfilm# C-1735


An excerpt from the first page of Petition# 82 transcribed:

"That your Petitioners Father the late Captain Donald Cameron entered the service as Lieutenant in the Queens Rangers under the command of his Father in law the late Col. Brown in which Corps he received several severe wounds in action, he was subsequently appointed to a Captain in the late Canadian Fencible Regiment raised in Scotland, with the Staff of which he came to Canada and died at Quebec in the year 1812 from the breaking out of the wounds he received in the service in early life, leaving a young family of Six Sons and four daughters unprovided for, from whose youth and inexperience they neglected to apply for a grant of land from the Government to which their late Father was entitled; three of your petitioners brothers and two sisters have since died leaving families."

Heirs 22 May 1847:

John Cameron
Duncan Cameron

Image 1006
Letter to Duncan from Allan
Which Allan?
In 1827 the whole family petitioned....and again in 1835....

Image 1013 Affidavit About Heirs (8 of 10):

William Cameron
Margaret Cameron
Ann Cameron
John Cameron
Alexander Cameron
Allan Cameron
Catherine Cameron
Duncan Cameron

Here's a bit of background on Colonel Brown, Donald Cameron's father-in-law.

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