Monday, June 2, 2014

Concessions Where Early French Artifacts Were Found


"...many iron tomahawks of early French pattern have been found."  "Some of these hatchets have been picked up on the farm of Arch McLean lot 20 concession 21, and others by Wm. Pulling on his farm (s.w. quarter lot 20, concession 20)...".

District: ON SIMCOE (East/Est) (#113)
Subdistrict: Tiny N-3 Page 8

McLean Flora F Head W Aug 24 1834
McLean Leich F Niece S May 26 1858
McLean Angus M Son S Mar 14 1864
Pulling W. Albert M Head M Mar 4 1855
Pulling Catherine F Wife M Mar 5 1857
Pulling Clarence W. M Son S Oct 31 1876
Pulling Ettie May F Daughter S Jan 29 1884
Pulling Frank Albert M Son S Dec 6 1886
Pulling Mary A. F Daughter S Feb 25 1891
Pulling Eva H. F Daughter S Jan 5 1893
Mays Emma F Step Daughter S Apr 16 1885

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