Sunday, June 1, 2014

Bs And A Backus In Monroe Co., NY

New York, Land Records, Monroe Grantee index, A-G


Theodore Backus, Frederick F. Backus, Harry Backus were included in the index.

Here's a deed involving Harry Backus (Richmond Tuttle To Harry Backus and others):

1 June 1834
Richmond and Lovina Tuttle
Harry Backus, Luke Webster, Joseph Ganson, and Priam B. Hill
All of the Village of Brockport
...for land in the town of Sweden....

From Landmarks of Monroe County...:

"At an early a date as 1828 an iron foundry was established in Brockport on State street by Harry Backus and Joseph Ganson. In 1830 they removed their plant to grounds north of the canal on Main street, and the firm name changed to Backus, Webster & Co.  Balch, Webster & Co soon succeeded and later the firm became known as Backus, Burroughs & Co., but a change was again made to Backus, Fitch & Co., who were the pioneers in the manufacture of improved threshing machines."

This Joseph Ganson?  If so, his father was mentioned in this pension application as Colonel Ganson.

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