Tuesday, April 15, 2014

James Backus And The Ohio Company Documents

The Marietta College Library (Marietta, Ohio), can be searched for Manuscripts and Documents of the Ohio Company of Associates here.  A search for "Backus" produced a Jonas Prentice letter to James Backus (description below):

"Jonas Prentice sent a copy of this printed letter to James Backus, who held a share in the Ohio Company, in the late Samuel H. Parsons' (now Prentice's) agency. Printed with the letter is a list of proprietors in Parsons' agency and a letter from Rufus Putnam in response to a copy of Prentice's letter."

A genealogical memoir of James Backus can be explored here.

Also see James Backus surveyors field notes at the Marietta College site (and an earlier post on In Deeds).

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