Monday, November 4, 2013

Reynolds Land In Norwich

From The history and descendants of John and Sarah (Backus) Reynolds..:

"When Norwich was settled in the spring of 1660, John [Reynolds] was assigned land next to his 'kinsman,' Ensign Thomas Leffingwell, in the southeastern part of Norwich. There are several varying descriptions of his land which we quote":

"JOHN REYNOLDS: Southeast of Thomas Bliss, six acres, bounded South by the highway to the old landing-place; i. e., Mill Lane; bounded by the River on the North..." .

Another description reads:

"JOHN REYNOLDS: Four and a quarter acres abutting east on the highway to the Landing-place;...West on the land of Lieut. Thomas Leffingwell...abutting south on the land of William Hyde*... ." *William Hyde was also an ancestor of mine.

The third record runs:

"JOHN REYNOLDS:...The land known years ago as Lewis' farm had been owned by the Reynolds family from 1659 to 1815."

William Backus m. ____
Sarah Backus m. John Reynolds
Sarah Reynolds m. John Post
Sarah Post m. Timothy Backus
John Backus m. Joanna Cleveland

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