Saturday, September 14, 2013

Wilhelm Willink's New York Purchase

Livingston County, New York, Deed
10 September 1833


Tract of land lying on the Genesee river...north part of Lot #36...Wilhelm Willink and Jan Willink's forty thousand acre tract...

Between Wilhelm Willink, Wilhelm Willink, Junior, and Wilhelm Willink, Junior's son, of the City of Amsterdam, in the Kingdom of United Netherlands, by David E. Evans, their attorney, of the first part, and John P. McIntyre, Dougald McIntyre, Catherine McIntyre, Archibald McIntyre, Duncan McIntyre and Margaret McIntyre of the county of Livingston, State of New York, of the second part....

From History of Livingston County, New York, with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers (1881):

"July 20, 1793, Mr. Morris sold the western portion of this tract, constituting about seven-eighths of the whole, to the Holland Land Company, an association of capitalists of Amsterdam, Holland, consisting of Wilhelm Willink, Jan Willink...who, being aliens, made the purchase through residents in this country... ." "This tract has since been known as the Holland Purchase, no portion of which lies within this county. Its east line commences on the Pennsylvania line twelve miles west of the west line of the Phelps and Gorham Purchase....".

"The Forty Thousand Acre Tract, sold by Morris to Wilhelm and Jan Willink, lies partially in this [Livingston county, New York] county and partially in Wyoming county...".

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