Sunday, September 15, 2013

John Bryan And Bryan's Station

"February 24, 1783, John Bryan, assignee, enters five hundred acres of land on a treasury warrant, No. 7500, on Licking, at Gen. Clark's third encampment from Bryan's station, on his march to the Shawnee towns, in November, 1782; beginning forty poles southwardly from said camp, on the west side of the creek, and running north to the fork of the creek, and then on both sides of the creek for quantity." [Source: Page 1073]

From the Southern Campaign American Revolution Pension Statements & Rosters:

...Col. Clark...led a punitive expedition against the Shawnee Indians. On 10 Nov 1782...[he] burned Piqua, Standing Stone, and other Shawnee towns in the last battle of the Revolutionary War.  Marched from Lincoln County to Lexington - thence to Bryant's station thence to the Blue Licks – thence returned home...".  An image of the original payroll is at

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