Monday, August 19, 2013

Forerunner To Green Acres?

 The fat of the land : the story of an American farm (1905), by John Williams Streeter:

A doctor and his wife, Polly, bought a farm called Four Oaks.  He mapped out his property.

A farmer, William Thompson, age 46, who lost his farm to an imperfect title was hired to help.  William Johnson, a 26 year old Swede, and a fellow named Sam Jones were also hired by the doctor/farmer.


Dr. John Williams Streeter, a University of Michigan graduate, died June 4, 1905, according to the University's necrology file.

New York, State Census, 1855
 E.D. 1, Henrietta, Monroe, New York, United States
Household Gender Age Birthplace
Head  Sereno W Streeter M 44
Wife Sarah J Streeter  F 36
Child Sereno Streeter M 15
Child  John W Streeter M 13
Child William H Streeter M 12
Child Albert T Streeter M 10
Child Mary L Streeter F 8
Child Sarah J Streeter F 4

United States Census, 1900
 ED 60 Precinct 6 South Town Chicago city Ward 3, Cook, Illinois, United States
  Household Gender Age Birthplace
Head   John W Streeter M  NS
Wife Mary C Streeter F NS
Son Edward C Streeter M  NS
Daughter Marjorie Streeter F  NS
Mother-in-law Roxana W Clark F  NS
Superintendant Mildred R Winans F 36 Michigan
Nurse Elizabeth Mc Mahon F 32 Iowa
Nurse Augusta Pearl F 25 Ohio
Nurse Cora Hawson F 27 Canada Eng
Nurse Mary E Hearne F 22 Indiana
Nurse Anna Smith F 32 Illinois
Nurse Harriett Rose F 29 NS
Nurse Nettie Ellet F 28 Kansas
Nurse Nora Woodruff F 21 Iowa
Nurse Nan Wheeler F 24 Iowa
Nurse Edith Ronnaberg F 27 Germany
Nurse Della Drew F 27 Wisconsin
Housemaid Sophia Scalickly F 25 Illinois
Cook Mary Hussy F 35 Wisconsin
Assistant cook Anna Feldreth F 19 Germany
Servant Mary Hickey F 21 Ireland
Servant Olive Byers F 18 Ireland
Servant Minnie Tomblum F 40 Sweden
Patient J F Dickey F NS
Patient H S Raymond F NS
Patient R Everets M NS
Patient H Suires F NS
Patient Saul Rothlisberger M NS
Patient D C Osman F NS
Patient R F Clinch F NS
Patient Nellie Carpenter F NS
Patient Edith Johns F NS
Patient Alex Russell F NS
Patient Bentley M NS
Laundress Maggie Roher F 21 Ireland

The doctor's biography here.  There is a Coldwater/Branch County, Michigan, connection.

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