Monday, May 6, 2013

Taylor's Choice

"A vivid description of an encounter in the year 1661 between Indians and the settlers about the head of Gunpowder River is given in the deposition of John Taylor... ." John Taylor, who was one of the county magistrates, lived on "Taylor's Choice," the site of Joppa.*  The names of Taylor and of the Fosters survive to this day in the names of small creeks.  Edward Swanson and William Wignell owned adjacent lands in the neck between the mouths of the Great and Little Falls.  The latter appears to have survived the wounds received in this battle, but, according to a record of some twenty years later, was eventually "murdered by ye Indians."

*A description and map of the estate named Taylor's Mount [opposite Joppa] here.

Oliver Harriot's land near Gunpowder:
Oliver Harriot was the third (and final) husband of Ann Taylor, who married 1st James Greer.  I'm descended from Ann and James Greer**.

**Aquilla Greer's property in Maryland [Ann and James Greer were grandparents of an Aquilla Greer].

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