Sunday, September 30, 2012

Deeds Of Livingston Co., NY - They're Here!

My first request to the Livingston County [NY] Clerk was July 11th; an automated response stating that the Clerk was out of the office and to refer any immediate business to Mary S.  A second request was sent July 16th to Mary S.  It took a few e-mails to determine how many pages (with the exact cost @ $.65 per page, check or cash) as well as what postage I would need for my (81/2 x 11) SASE (dependent upon zip code - mine was $3.00 but I put $4.00 just in case) before the order could be readied.

The request was sent via e-mail July 17th; due to vacations, etc., the package arrived September 28, 2012 (so the cautionary tale is give yourself lots of lead time if you make a similar request).

These are the deed requested from the Livingston Co., NY, Clerk's Office:

Richardson, Daniel J. & Thankful G. to Ichabod Thurston, Mt. Morris, 7-15
Richardson, Harriet and Wash. E. to John Backus 14-38
Richardson, Daniel J. & Thankful To John Backus 19-229
Richardson, Janet? to John Backus  21-410
Richardson, Lydia To John Backus, Livonia 22-582
Wheeler, Warren and Marinda To John Backus, Livonia 25-227
Richardson, William W. To John Backus 29-104
Richmond, Alonzo & Harriet/Silas E To Ezra W. Clark Conesus 38-312
Richmond, Laura A. & Thomas P. To Matthew W. McNinch, Conesus, 47-235
Richardson, Daniel/Cynthia To Sovina Northrup, Livonia 75-218
Jerusha Osborn by Trust To Edmund P. Clark 94-10

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