Thursday, April 5, 2012

Robert Randall's Petition For Leasing Lot No. 39, 1st Concession

From  Report of the petition of Wm. L. Mackenzie, Esq., acting executor to the estate of the late Robert Randall, Esq., of Chippawa:

To His Excellency Francis Gore, Esquire, Lieutenant Governor of the Province of Upper Canada, &c., &c.

In Council
The Petition of Robert Randall, of Cornwall, in the Eastern District of the Province of Upper Canada, Merchant;

Humbly Sheweth:

That your Petitioner is desirous of Leasing Lot No. 39, in the first Concession or front of the Ottawa River, opposite to the Falls, known by the Shawynees [Chaudiere Falls], in the Township of Nepean, a short distance above the mouth of the River Reddau.....permit Darcy Boulton, of York, Esq., to be his Attorney.

Indorsed.--Copy, Robert Randall's Petition for a Lease for Lot No. 39, in the Town of Nepean, Oct. 5, 1807.

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