Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lorenzo & Charlotte Mason To Malcolm Cameron Of Sarnia

From Early land transfers, Detroit and Wayne County, Michigan / Michigan Works Progress Administration, Vital Records Project:

Wayne Co., MI, Deeds
7 April 1858
Recorded: 16 November 1858
Cameron, Malcolm* of Sarnia, Canada West purchased from Lorenzo M. Mason and wife Charlotte, of Detroit
Lot 2 on south side of Jefferson Avenue and Lot 2 on north side of Woodbridge Street on Antoine Beaubien farm (subject to mortgage to Sallie W. Stevenson** of Fredericksburg Virginia)
Witnesses: C. M. Davison and A. H. Dey

*Biography on Page 630 in Early Canadiana Online.
**Possibly this Sallie W. Stephenson, age 28, living in Doctor B.S. Herndon's household in Fredericksburg, VA, in 1860

In 1860 L.M. and Charlotte Mason were living next door to K.C. Barker in Detroit's first ward.  Barker played an important, albeit tragic, role in our family history.  From my Detour Through History blog:

Andrew Millar, who was former Detroit Mayor Kirkland C. Barker's gardener on Grosse Isle, let his son, Peter, help Mr. Barker and crew as they were preparing for a yacht race in the Detroit River on May 20, 1875.  

 Aboard the "Mattie" ...were Mr. Barker, Frederick Dudgeon, Manly Webb... and fourteen-year old Peter Miller, son of Mr. Barker's gardener. The "Mattie" capsized; all were thrown overboard and drowned. Peter's body was found floating off Bois Blanc Island May 31 and buried at Anderdon (now part of Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada) that day.(Grosse Isle book "The Deep Roots - Chapter 'A New Era'"). 

Peter Millar was the son of Andrew and Jane (More) Millar.  Jane More was the sister of my great-great grandfather, James More.

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