Thursday, October 20, 2011

Shawnee Captive George Ash's Petition For Land

Shawnee captive George Ash, who later in life adapted back to white society, was mentioned in the National Land System under "Special Grants of Land."  "His was the last Indian Grant to receive favorable treatment from Congress."

 The National Land System, 1785-1820...:

 ...[an] early visitor [in Jefferson Co., Indiana] was probably George Ash, kidnapped in Nelson Co., Ky., and raised as an Indian. The Indians gave him a land grant which was not recognized by the Greenville Treaty of 1795. However, Congress gave him the right to claim 640 acres.

George Ash patented the first land in Jefferson Co.--435.62 acres in Section 17 Twp. 3N Range 12E and Section 16, along with fractional section 21 on April 1808. Robert McKay of Shenandoah Co., Va., patented the same land on Oct. 19, 1808.  [Source]

George Ash's step-mother was my ancestress, Mrs. Arabella Anderson Ash.

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