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Thomas and Caroline Macklem Of Chippawa To Joseph A. Woodruff of Niagara

Found in Kent Co., Ontario, Land Records for Dawn Twp., FHL Film #161583:

Dawn Twp. (Book A)
21 July 1853

Memorial....2 May 1853 between Thomas Macklem, Village of Chippawa, County of Welland and Province of Canada, physician, and Caroline Macklem, his wife, formerly Caroline Cummings of the first part, and Joseph Augustus Woodruff* of the Town of Niagara, of the second part......
Land in Kent and Lambton Counties.....
East and West halves of Lot #7 in the 5th concession of Twp Enniskillen...100 acres more or less...also ___ half of Lot #11

Listed in the column on the left hand side:
29 __  2nd Concession
30 __ 11th  "
26 ___6th  "
23 ___7th "
31 ___8th "
24 ___7th "
32 ___ 9th "
17 ____6th "
5____12th "

*[Note:  Joseph Augustus Woodruff, age 30, married Julia Caroline Claus, age 18, on September 4, 1850.]

From "Graves and Inscriptions in the Niagara Peninsula (Chippawa)":

"In memory of Thomas Macklem, fifth son of James and Lydia Macklem, born at Chippawa, 1817, died at Magnolia, East Florida, 1859."  On the other side, "James Cummings, eldest child of Thomas C. and Caroline Macklem. Drowned in the Niagara river at Clark Hill, and whose body unhappily was not recovered. His mother, thus denied the consolation of laying it near his father, has caused this inscription to be placed here to commemorate his birth, 1852, and his melancholy death, May 6th. 1860."

Thomas C. Macklem Born at Chippewa, Ontario Sept 19, 1817 and died at Magnolia East, Florida Dec 11, 1859.

Caroline Street's** marriages were found here:

Caroline married first James Cummings, second Thomas C. Macklem, third Rev. W. H. C. Robertson, fourth H. C. R. Beecher, O.C. **Daughter of Samuel & Abigail (Ransom Hyde) Street.
  More deeds involving Macklems (found in the County of Victoria) can be found here.

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