Thursday, June 30, 2011

Some Lambton Co., Ontario, Cameron's Concessions And Lots

To use the Abstract Index of Deeds (Ontario)  (indexed record of every transaction of a piece of land), one needs to know the Lot and Concession numbers.  Listed below are a few Lot and Concession numbers for a few Camerons in Lambton Co., Ontario, Canada:

Warwick Township, Lambton Co., Ontario, Canada
 Warwick Twp. 1851 & 1867

Cameron, Alexander   Lot 19  Concession 4/S
", Donald Lot 26  Concession 4/S

Cameron [40] Donald  Lot 26, Concession 4/S
Cameron [33] Hugh  Lot 16, Concession 16 4/S
Cameron [42] John Lot 20, Concession 4/S
Cameron, Mrs.   Lot 19, Concession 4/S
Cameron [32] Paul  Lot 16, Concession 4/S
Cameron, Thomas  Lot 25, Concession 5/S

[Note:  Do not know what the bracketed numbers mean]

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