Thursday, May 19, 2011

Virginia Treasury Warrants Of Abraham Linkhorn (Lincoln)

President Abraham Lincoln's grandfather, Abraham Lincoln (Linkhorn) obtained Virginia Treasury Warrants; he redeemed Warrant #3334 for land now occupied by a cemetery and ruins of a church.

This marker (see this post), the ruins of the Old Long Run Baptist Church and the cemetery are on one acre of the 400 acres of land, the original title of which was obtained by Captain Abraham Lincoln on a land-office Treasury Warrant No. 3334 issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia on March 4, 1780.

Warrant Number: 3334.0
Abram Linkhorn  
Date: Saturday, March 04, 1780
Authorized Patent(s): None
Acreage: 400
Assignee: None
Current Money (Pounds.Shillings): £160.00  

Abraham Linkhorn/Lincoln's Treasury Warrants are listed as VA  #7200 in the Virginia Patents Series (same images).

Treasury Warrant #3333 & #3335 were also originally in the name of Abraham Linkhorn (Lincoln):

Virginia Treasury Warrant #3333

Survey & Assign Title, etc. To Christopher Rife

Deed Mentioned Treasury Warrants #3333 and #3335

Images found at the Kentucky Secretary of State website here.

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