Monday, May 23, 2011

McFadyens Sell To Carnegie-Illinois Steel

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, Deeds
Volume 2869, Page 10
Made: 17 Aug 1945
Between Carnegie - Illinois Steel Corp. and James C. McFadyen and Irene McFadyen of East Pittsburgh....
Lot 14 (piece) and Lot 15 and Lot 16
Plan Book Volume #11, Page 146
Center James and Irene McDermott? (Why McDermott and not McFadyen?  My transcription or was it really in the book?)
Draper Street [and Center Avenue]

Also Deed Book Volume 2689, Page 5.......

From the G.M. Hopkins Co., Maps (1895) at Historic Pittsburgh

Here is a modern-day picture of the bridge that is depicted on the preceding map.

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