Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Grantor Vesta Hinds of Franklin Co., Tennessee

Deed between Vesta Hinds and R. J. and Lucy Gault conveying her (Vesta's) 1/24th interest in the property for $77.50 on December 31, 1920:

...Land in the Sixth District of Franklin County, Tennessee, bounded on:

North by the land of William Rogers; East by the land of R. J. Gault; South by the land of Joe S. Rogers; West by the land of Ann Damron.

And being the same tract of land that Mrs. M. A. Hinds now lives on and holds until her death.

 Deed images courtesy of Hinds descendant Terrie
Vesta Hinds was Lucy (Hinds) Gault's niece; they were both descendants of Martha (Marshall) Hinds.

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