Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Deed Between Telitha Hines & Son, Robert

Franklin Co., Tennessee, Deeds
Book "7", Page 401
3 August 1878
For love and affection, I, Telitha Hines, entertain for R. C. Hines, I convey to
44 1/2 acres more or less...

Witnesses: W. H. Anderton, J. A. Anderton, E.M. Bean

The property conveyed to Robert Christopher Hines (Hinds) MAY be the very same property whose rights to same (as an heir) was conveyed by Vesta Hinds to her aunt, Lucy (Hinds) Gault.  Lucy was the daughter of Robert C. & Martha Hinds.  Martha (Marshall) Hinds was Robert C. Hinds' widow and it was Martha's land that was conveyed by Vesta.

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