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POA From Canton, China

The deed abstracts below are from a book of Early land transfers, Detroit and Wayne County, Michigan. William Williams of Utica, Oneida Co., New York, a printer, had property in Wayne Co., Michigan that was dispersed to his heirs.

Robert S. Williams, one of the heirs, also acted as Power of Attorney (POA) for his brothers, S. Wells Williams and John P. Williams, because they lived in Canton, China. John P. Williams was a victim of the poison bread incident of January 15, 1857, in China, and died as a result.

There is a Wikipedia entry for Samuel Wells Williams (1812 - 1884), who was born in Utica, New York, and who lived in Canton, China. He first sailed for China while in his twenties and served as an interpreter for Commodore Perry's expedition to Japan in 1853. In 1860 he (S. Wells Williams) was appointed charge d'affaires for the United States in Beijing, China. He was also the President of the American Bible Society from 1881 to 1884.

Wayne Co., MI, Deed
Williams, Robert S., of Utica, New York, doth depose July 17, 1857, that he is the son of William Williams, deceased, late of Utica, New York, and that S. Wells, H. Dwight and W. Frederic Williams, et al, are all and only surviving children and heirs of said deceased.
Recorded: 2 February 1858

Wayne County, Michigan, Deed
Williams, Robert S., of Utica, New York, granted Power of Attorney from S. Wells Williams and wife, Sarah W., of Canton, China, June 6, 1856, to sell ..... in Michigan NW fractional 1/4 of Section 22 T 1 S R 11 E; also lots 15, 18, 23, 26, 31 and 30 of subdivision of 1/4 Section 35 in the 10,000 acre tract.
Witnesses: William A. Macy & Daniel Vrooman
Recorded: 2 February 1858

Wayne County, MI, Deed
Similar to 71-542
Williams, Robert S., Power of Attorney from John P. Williams of Canton, China.
Witnesses: O. E. Roberts & S. Wells Williams

Wayne Co., MI, Deed
Williams, Robert S., of Utica, New York from Henry Dwight Williams and his wife, Martha N., of New York, et al
1 October 1856
Quit Claim To NW 1/4 Section 22 T 1 S R 11 E, also lots 15......
Witnesses: Montgomery H. Throop & Alex Seward

Green = NW 1/4 of Section 22 Twp. 1 South of Range 11 East (approximately)

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