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William & Addie - To Battle Creek And Back

My great-grandgrandmother, Addie (More) Powers, was born, raised, married and buried in Lapeer County, Michigan. She and her husband, William S. Powers, moved to Battle Creek, Calhoun Co., Michigan, just long enough to have their first five children (including my grandfather Ralph) and then moved back to Lapeer before the sixth and seventh children were born.

Why they moved from Lapeer and then moved back about 10 years later, I still do not know. One of Addie's brothers moved to Waycross, Georgia, and another moved to Portland, Oregon, so I guess the move across state wasn't too drastic.

The first deed I found for William & Addie was (#132-522); the final deed was (#172-51). Because the two deeds describe two different pieces of property, there are more deeds and mortgage documents for me to find in Calhoun County.

Calhoun Co., MI, Deeds
Orin B. Frisbie & wife
Warranty Deed
William S. Powers & wife

Received for Record the 22 day of October A.D. 1890 at 8 o'clock
Albert H. Geddis, Register of Deeds

This Indenture, made this twenty-first day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred BETWEEN Orin B. Frisbie and Estella Frisbie his wife of the City of Battle Creek, County of Calhoun and State of Michigan grantees...of the first part and William S. Powers and Addie M. Powers of the same place....
$250.00 of Battle Creek Lot number eighty four (84) of Frisbie's Fourth Addition to Battle Creek according to the recorded plat thereof....

Witnesses: E. S. Walker & John Peavey

Eli S. Walker, Notary Public in and for Calhoun Co., Michigan

Calhoun Co., Deed - Liber 132, Page 522
Calhoun Co., MI, Deed
Warranty Deed
William S. Powers & wife
Hannah & F. B. Briggs

Received for Record, this 23 day of August A.D. 1900, at 5 o'clock P.M....

This Indenture, made this Nineth (sp) day of August between William S. Powers and Addie M. Powers his wife of the City of Battle Creek County of Calhoun and State of Michigan...of the first part, and Hannah Briggs and Flora B. Briggs of Saline Michigan of the second part....
...certain piece of parcel of Land, situate and being in the City of Battle Creek, County of Calhoun, and State of Michigan, and described as follows, to wit:
Lot number fifty (50) of Al E. Cummings Addition to the City of Battle Creek, Michigan, according to the recorded plat thereof.

Together with all and Singular....And the said William S. Powers & the said Addie M. Powers parties of the first part, their and with the said parties of the second part, their.....they are well seized of the above granted premises IN FEE SIMPLE; that they are free from all incumbrances whatever; Except a $750 and accrued interest thereon from Feby 1, 1900, which said second parties hereby assumes and agree to pay as part of a certain indenture of mortgage for ___share price named hereon and that they will, and their heirs, executors, and administrators shall WARRANT and DEFEND the same against all lawful claims whatsoever; except mortgage and interest above provided for.... .

Witnesses: Emma Eaves & E. Eaves
Signed by William S. Powers & Addie M. Powers

On this Nineth (sp) day of August..... Ebenezer Eaves, Notary Public

Calhoun Co., Deed - Liber 172, Page 51

Here's a blurb in the Lapeer newspaper (published 5 Sept 1900) about their return to Lapeer.

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