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Hunts of Huntsville, Alabama In Franklin Co., TN

Elizabeth, daughter of John Hunt, the founder of Huntsville, Alabama, married Samuel Black Acklin, who was part of my family tree. The Hunt family lived in Franklin County, Tennessee, as well. Because of the Acklin connection, I abstracted the deed below:

Franklin Co., TN, Deeds
11 July 1849
David L. Hunt
William L. Hunt
100 acres...
on the west by the lands of William B. Hunt..north by land of William Larkin on East by land of A.C.? Hunt on south by land of Elizabeth Hunt...also convey to said William B. Hunt horses, wagon & horses, buggy...debted to Warville? Lipscomb*...
Also indebted to Alanson Trigg, Wm W. Johnson, John Genth
Judgement in ..of D. Brazelton, P. Morrison?, Patrick Hooper, Wm Hardy
Firm of Hunt & Handley...
C.A. Hunt [probably Clinton Armstrong Hunt]

*There was a Granville Lipscomb and a William Larkin(s) nearby in the 1850 census and also a Wm McCauley Larkins.

In the 1850 Census, taken in Franklin Co., Tennessee, listed the following Hunt family members:

1850 Census, Franklin
Hunt, David, 34, b. TN
", Elizabeth, 71, b. VA
", Mary, 30, b. VA
", Jane, 27, b. VA
", Airy, 23, b. VA
Next Door:
Hunt, William B., 39, b. TN
", Annis, 24, b. TN
", Sarah, 7, b. TN
", David, 5, b. TN**
", Richard, b. TN

Some members of the Hunt family from Franklin County, Tennessee:

**David Larkin Hunt, b. 1847, Civil War veteran, grandson of David & Elizabeth (Larkin) Hunt, and son of William B. Hunt

Benjamin Powel Hunt, another grandson of David & Elizabeth (Larkin) Hunt

1812 Franklin Co., TN, Tax List, including William Hunt, Lewis Hunt, Abraham Hunt, David Hunt, George Hunt, Henry Hunt, Nathaniel Hunt, John Hunt, Nathaniel Hunt, Sr., and James Hunt.

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