Sunday, April 11, 2010

Berks Co., PA, Deed Indexes Online

Berks County, Pennsylvania, has deed indexes online from 1752 - 1968. The instructions for using the online database can be found here.

The need to install QuickTime became obvious when I did the search. It was a free plug-in and took about 7 or 8 minutes to complete. It's affiliated with I-Tunes and an adjustment had to be made with that application. After installation, I shut down Firefox; after going back online, the Berks Co., PA, Deeds search worked.

Berks County uses the Russell Index which is described in greater detail here.

From the Berks County, PA, Recorder's site:

These books are compiled in the Russell Index System which groups the names by consonants LMNRT contained in the name. Be sure to page through the entire section and scroll down the entire page and also look for similar names under different spellings. If you have used the physical copy of the Russell Index books in our office you will find this digital version much easier and faster to use.
I have used easier systems online; however the index online starts with the year 1752, and that's a plus.


Karen said...

Thanks Cathy! I can't wait to get into the prep work with these! Appreciate the heads up! Once I finish the prep work for our two days in Medina County, Ohio on our way to Pennsylvania I'll be putting this index to great use!

Thanks for reading & posting on GenealogyFrameofMind.


PalmsRV said...

Karen, You're welcome. Enjoy your excursion to Ohio and Pennsylvania. Looking forward to reading about your trip.


Dorene from Ohio said...

I can't wait for someone to ask me for help with Berks County ancestor, so I can try out this tool! THanks for posting it.

PalmsRV said...

Thanks for the comment, Dorene!