Saturday, February 13, 2010

What Is The Torrens System?

I first encountered the term "Torrens" in the Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, Recorder's Office page. This site offered a definition of Torrens. A 1912 analysis of Torrens was found on Google books here. The New York Times weighed in here.

The Ramsey Co., Minnesota, Court described "Abstract" versus "Torrens" here and this article questioned whether the Torrens System is suitable for the 21st Century.

According to Wikipedia:
Torrens title is a system of land title where a register of land holdings maintained by the state guarantees an indefeasible title to those included in the register. The system was formulated to combat the problems of uncertainty, complexity and cost associated with old-system title, which depended on proof of an unbroken chain of title back to a good root of title.


Dorene from Ohio said...

Very interesting! I never heard of the term Torrens until I read your post.

PalmsRV said...


It surprised me when I stumbled upon a county that used Torrens.