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Poss, Ellison & Miller, Heirs-At-Law of Jacob Miller, Late of Lapeer County, Michigan

The most striking element of this deed is that it named the heirs-at-law of Jacob Miller, "late of Lapeer county, Michigan." Surnames other than Miller include Ellison and Poss. The Ellisons and the Poss' s lived in Lapeer County when the 1860 census was taken. The Poss family moved to Livingston Co., Michigan and then the widowed & re-married Daniel Poss moved to Crawford Co., MI. Mary Elizabeth Poss, eldest daughter of Daniel & Elizabeth H. (Miller) Poss, married William Harris and lived in Saginaw, MI. Emma Poss, the younger daughter, married 1st William Marsh and 2nd Alden Rinker. Emma, born in Lapeer county, also lived in Livingston Co., MI, and Roscommon Co., MI, before ultimately moving to Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois.

There's more information about George & Mary Jane (Miller) Ellison below. I did not identify John Miller, heir of Jacob Miller, to my satisfaction. I also did not find the Jacob Miller who died before 19 November 1860 in the 1860 census, nor could I identify him in an 1850 census. Rocina A. Johnson, the grantee, may be a relative (but not necessarily so) since the land was quit claimed to her for only $1.00.

Lapeer Co., MI, Deeds
Liber "R", Page 303
19 November 1860
Ellison, Poss & Miller
Rocina A. Johnson of Oakland Co., MI
80 acres

Mary Jane Ellison & Kora (George per signature on document) Ellison, Elizabeth Helen Poss & Daniel Poss and John Miller of Lapeer County...
W 1/2 of SE 1/4 of Section 22 Town 6 North of Range 9 East
Heirs-at-law of Jacob Miller, late of Lapeer County...
Witnesses: William Barber, Catherine Pednick, Ellery A. Brownell, Emily Brownell and Henry Ellison

1860 MI Census Lapeer, Hadley Twp., Farmer's Creek
Ellison, George W., 55, NY
", Mary J., 48, b. NY
", Luther, 22, b. MI
", George W., 18, MI
", John M., 16, MI
", Mary, 13, MI
", Hellen, 11, MI
", Andrew, 9, MI [died in 1869]
", Francis, 6, MI
", Frank B., 3, MI

1860 MI Census Lapeer, Attica Twp.
Poss, Daniel, 41
", Elizabeth H., 41
", Mary E., 4
Ellison, Hellen, 11
Freeman, George

George Ellison, son of George & Mary Jane (Miller) Ellison married Sarah Gordon in 1888:
Groom's name: George W. Ellison
Groom's age: 45 years
Groom's birth year: 1843
Groom's birthplace: Oxford Tp., Michigan
Bride's name: Sarah Gordon
Bride's age: 42 years
Bride's birth year: 1846
Bride's birthplace: Canada
Marriage date: 21 Jan 1888
Marriage place: Metamora, Bay, Michigan
Father of groom's name: George W. Ellison
Mother of groom's name: Mary Jane Miller
Film number: 2342482
Frame number:
Digital GS number: 4207677
Image number: 251
Reference number: v 1 p 121 rn 138
Collection: Michigan Marriages 1868-1925

Groom's name: Wm. L. Marsh
Groom's age: 54 years
Groom's birth year: 1826
Groom's birthplace: Ontario
Bride's name: Emma J. Poss
Bride's age: 19 years
Bride's birth year: 1861
Bride's birthplace: Lapeer, Michigan
Marriage date: 14 Jul 1880
Marriage place: Howell, Livingston, Michigan
Film number: 2342466
Digital GS number: 4207610
Image number: 52
Reference number: v 2 p 243 rn 1906
Collection: Michigan Marriages 1868-1925

Groom's name: Alden S. Riecker [sic Rinker]
Groom's age: 18 years
Groom's birth year: 1869
Groom's birthplace: Michigan
Bride's name: Emma J. Poss Marsh
Bride's age: 24 years
Bride's birth year: 1863
Bride's birthplace: Michigan
Marriage date: 30 May 1887
Marriage place: Roscommon, Roscommon, Michigan
Film number: 2342481
Digital GS number: 4207658
Image number: 84
Reference number: v 3 p 159 rn 117
Collection: Michigan Marriages 1868-1925

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