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Flint Mayor McKeighan's Deed To The IMA

Since the Industrial Mutual Association (IMA) was such an integral part of my formative years (I worked at Safetyville* and the Sports Arena, plus lived on IMA property at Potter's Lake when I was in high school), a little research while at the Register of Deeds in Genesee County, Michigan, was in order. My Dad's office was at the IMA Auditorium complex and his funeral 18 June 1974, was held in the IMA Annex. Many circuses, concerts and other events were held at the Auditorium. The IMA Auditorium was converted to a Six Flags Autoworld amusement park (the venture failed and the building was eventually demolished).
*See the type of car used at Safetyville here

An excerpt described General Motors' relationship to the IMA:

GM supported the Industrial Mutual Association (IMA), Flint’s largest institution, which "reflected the paternal and fair view which the General Motor executives had of themselves." The IMA offered lakes and parks, bowling, dancing, parks and sports programs and night study for GM factory workers and their families. Though membership was not required, most workers joined.

Genesee Co., Michigan, Deeds
Liber "462", Page "214"
28 September 1928
City of Flint
Industrial Mutual Association (IMA)
....4th Avenue...Third "Athletic Park"
Signed: William McKeighan, Mayor of Flint
Witnesses: Myrl Goddard, D. E. McCorkill, Catharine Peirce, Blanche Whipple

A picture of Athletic Park can be seen here with the description here.

See the 23 February 1997 demolition of the IMA Auditorium

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