Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ransom Rice's Property in Franklin Co., TN

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A hand drawn map by Sebert Anderson, probably given to me by the late Connie (Brinley) Butterfield, shows where Ransom Rice's property was located in Franklin Co., Tennessee. The property was transferred to Ransom Rice by David Rice in open Court May term 1820. Who was David Rice and what, if any, was his relationship to Ransom Rice?

A modern day look at the former property of Ransom Rice courtesy of Google Maps can be seen here.

Connie Butterfield's grandparents, Charles Logan Rice & Mary Josephine (Johnson) Rice were two of four Rice family members who signed a deed in February 1896, transferring property, including the RANSOM RICE TRACT, to James & Viola Rogers. (See below). Had Ransom & Ann (Hinds) Rice's other heirs, including our James A. Rice, already signed off on the property, or was James A. Rice excluded because of friction caused by his service as a Captain in the Union Army. Just wondering. Anyway it appears as though there's at least one piece of the land transfer puzzle missing; between Ann Hinds Rice and/or her estate and an heir(s), probably Connie Butterfield's great-grandfather, Arthur Lemuel Rice.

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