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Russell A. Alger Bought Land In Lapeer Among Other Things

A summary of Russell Alger’s life can be found here. He was a lumberman, a Michigan Governor and a U.S. Senator from Michigan. In the Civil War he was a colonel in Michigan's 5th Calvary, included in Custer's Michigan Brigade and was eventually promoted to General. He was also Secretary of War during the Spanish-American War (generally thought to be less than successful).

The relationship between General Alger’s wife, Annette (Henry) Alger, and my grandchildren is 1st cousin 5 times removed.
The Lapeer County connection with Alger and a deed....

Lapeer County, Michigan, DEEDS

Liber R, Pg 32
14 Jan 1860
State of Michigan (Tax)
Auditor General
Heman Oviatt & Russell A. Alger, of Cleveland, Ohio
Indenture made 1859......

Alger's lumber company purchased several pieces of property in counties (and states) where he did not actually live.

The Man Who Would be President??
No, it was Benjamin Harrison, but in June of 1888, an Alger presidency seemed possible. The excerpt below, from the Roscommon News published 8 June 1888 (including the quotes from other papers) is an example of some of the rhetoric and sentiment in Michigan.

The Alger boom is growing. All over the country are words of praise for Alger. Here is what Senator Stewart of Nevada says: 'Alger, I think, would carry the Pacific coast by a larger majority than Blaine, and he would make all the Republican states safe.' This is only one out of the many. We say nominate Alger and the next President will not be a democrat. -- Vermontville Echo.

The Mining Journal has figured it out that it is strongly probable for Alger, and inevitable for Alger or Gresham. Let it Alger. --Gladstone Delta.

As the time for the National Republican convention draws near the moves on the Presidential checquer-board become more complicated, and the various sons are being pushed forward with more or less success; and none of them, during the past two weeks, have moved more strageically or successfully than General R. A. Alger, and none today occupy a more advanced position.
General Alger is a man who grows in favor the more he becomes known. His character will bear the closest scrutiny, and the more his record is investigated the brighter it becomes. He is well fitted to bear the standard this year as a clean, upright and just leader, and his availability is recognized by many of the greatest leaders of the party, while the expediency of his nomination is becoming more evident every day. He recently visited New York city and during his stay there his rooms were crowded with numerous leasing politicians of the metropolis and the interior of the umpire [sic] state and delegations from other eastern states, all eager to consult him and proffer assurances of support. [article truncated]


Diane said...

I am a RAOGK volunteer for Lapeer County, MI. If you would like me to check out the society's publications for information on anyone who lived there, please contact me. My surnames there are Oviatt, Smith, Hall, Rook, etc. My grandfather, David Oviatt, married second a Clara Valentine King...does this connect us in any way? Diane

Palmsrv said...

Hi Diane,

Those names don't connect with me personally, but I have a Rootsweb Worldconnect site devoted to Lapeer Co. people:

Don't have any requests regarding Lapeer at the moment, but thanks for volunteering.