Wednesday, December 17, 2008

John W. Moore, War of 1812 U.S. Patent In Lapeer

Lapeer Co., MI, Deeds
Liber "P", Page 131
Recorded: 6 November 1858
United States Patent
(Military) Warrant #24,588
John W. Moore
Private in Captain Weeks' Company, 11 Reg U.S. Infantry
War of 1812
NW 1/4 of Section 22 Town 10 North of Range 10 East
160 acres
The property is located in Rich Township, Lapeer Co., MI.

The Rich Twp. site has a fire map .pdf file which is a plat map and can be found here. A search of a name found on the plat map at the Lapeer Register of Deeds dated the map from the 1990's based upon Grantor/Grantee activity. [Twn 10 North of Range 10 E was determined to be Rich Township from a DNR map housed at the Library of Michigan site here.]

NW 1/4 of Section 22 (Twn 10 N R 10 E) From Fire Map .pdf on Rich Twp., Lapeer Co. site

There is a John W. Moore(s) on Captain John W. Weeks 11th Regiment payroll roster here [information taken from the deed]. Through this Lancaster, New Hampshire, site, I found Captain Weeks and his crew which led to John Weeks Moore on this family tree. If anyone has access to the Footnote site, there's a John Weeks Moore citation regarding bounty land, etc. I'd be interested to know if it pertains to this War of 1812 land or if it's Revolutionary War info and not relevant. [Or does it refute the work I've done here??]

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