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A Fish Family of Port Huron Deed In Lapeer, MI

Have yet to discover the relationship (if any) between the Jenness family and the Fish family. Isaac Jenness, Allen Fish and Henry Fish were all lumbermen in Michigan. Frances Fish, Henry's widow, was the daughter of Hiram Peet(s); Eliza Jenness was the daughter of Horatio Nye. Allen Fish, Jr.'s wife (Eliza) listed below or Allen Fish, Sr.'s wife could provide a relationship clue, but as of now, I have not discovered it. Two elements of the abstracted deed caught my eye -- the guardianship of a minor child and the two different residences (Lapeer Co. & St. Clair Co.).

Lapeer Co., MI, Deeds
Liber "56", Page 309
Recorded: 4 December 1878
Made: 5 February 1877
Isaac N. Jenness
Warranty Deed To
Morland Marshall

Between Isaac & Eliza Jenness, Frances S. Fish, widow of Henry Fish, Allen & Eliza A. Fish, and Allen Fish as guardian of Gertrude Fish, a minor and sole heir of Henry Fish, deceased, all of Port Huron and Attica, Michigan, of the first part and Morland J. Marshall of Attica of the second part..

Census information found here.

1880 MI Lapeer, Attica

[Jenness] Isaac J. M W 53 NH Lumber Mfg.
" Eliza J. Wife M W 56 NY Keeps House
" John J. Nephew S W 21 MA Clerks In Store
Nye,Adelaide SisterL S W 39
Marshall, Juna Niece S W 14
Reutherford, Nellie Other S W 20 MI Servant

1880 MI St. Clair, Port Huron

Mrs Henry FISH W W 58 NY Keeping House
Simon W. SMITH SonL M Male W 29 OH Physician
Gertrude SMITH Dau M W 22 MI ONT NY
Hiram PEETS Father W W 82 MA Ret Merchant
Laura BURR Niece S W 22 PA Boarder
Augustus SNIVELY Other S W 28 PA Rail Clerk
Laura SNIVELY Other S W 22 PA Boarder
Susan SNIVELY Other S W 18 PA Boarder
Ella SPARKS Other S W 19 WI Domestic

1880 MI Lapeer, Attica

Marshall, Marland M Male W 28 MI Farmer
", Ellen Wife M Female W 28 MI
", Mertie Dau S Female W 7
", John Son S Male W 3
", Herbert Son S Male W 1


Miriam said...

Maybe there's a connection. Daniel was brother to my Rhoda, a 4th-great-grandmother:

Daniel Sweers, IV was born 19 August 1803 in Vermont. His first marriage was supposedly to Diana Wyckoff Parkes, whom he probably married in New York. They had three daughters, Sarah Jane Sweers (1827 - 1899) - she was married twice, to William Ford and William Crothers; Marion Sweers and Emily Sweers (dates unknown). Diana apparently died while the girls were young. In the winter of 1835 - 1836, Daniel set out with his brother Manley through Canada to Michigan to acquire land. It was a harrowing journey. Daniel settled on 80 acres of government land in Section 26 of what is now Atlas Township, Genesee County, Michigan, next to Manley's homestead. In the spring, he brought his daughters from New York to their new home, which included a small log cabin that he had built. At times he lived on only three potatoes a day. His children boarded with a family named Hoover. With his ox team he supplied the neighborhood with provisions, which he hauled from Pontiac (Oakland County, Michigan). The trips took about four days. On one of these trips he met Josh Terry who told him he had a girl at his house who would make Daniel a good wife. Daniel soon made a visit and met Mary "Polly" Fish, marrying her soon after. They had four children: Charles Sweers (dates unknown); Harriet Sweers (Mrs. Eckler) (c. 1840 - bef. 1930); Louisa Sweers (b. c. 1842); and Chloe Sweers (Mrs. John Sharrer) (c. 1843 - bef. 1930). Daniel was not a hunter, but being a good friend of the Indians, they kept his family supplied with venison and other wild game. There was a deer lick near his farm where the wild deer came for their salt. Polly died around 1869 and Daniel died 21 November 1873 in Atlas Township; they were both buried in the Sweers Family Burial Ground on Manley's farm.

Palmsrv said...

Hi Miriam,

I'll try to keep the Fish family in mind while researching in Lapeer & Genesee counties next summer.