Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The "I Love Your Blog" Award Nomination

Jessica @ Jessica's Genejournal was nice enough to add me to the "I Love Your Blog" list. I've linked back to her blog (Rule #1)....

--Pick seven blogs that I love and include their links (Rule #2)
--Notify them that their blog has been selected (Rule #3)
--Link back (Rule #4)

Here are my choices:


Walking The Berkshires

Midwestern Microhistory

Sandusky History

Historical Melungeons

The Paper Trail

Scottish Genealogy News and Events (SGNE)

An honorable mention to my husband's blog Palms-Americana - I have it listed under my blogs, but he is responsible for 99% of the content. He chronicles the highlights of our full time RV travels.

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Sandusky Library said...

Thanks for the nod for the
Sandusky History blog!