Friday, April 23, 2021

William Davis's Deeds

  Davis families of early Roxbury and Boston, by Samuel Forbes ... Rockwell, Samuel Forbes, 1878-

In the deed dated July 1645, but not recorded until 1658, three pieces of land are specified. All three were sold by the Cowdells to William Davis the gunsmith in one deed. 

These pieces of land were:


(1) The messuage including the tenement. (This was G 66 on South Side of State St. - easterly corner of the present Kilby Street) 

(2) The one-half acre near the mill. (This was F42 which he later sold to Blantain and which had been granted to his father by the town in 1638.) 

(3) Two acres in Long Island. On 9th of 8th mo. 1645 William petitioned the court and the petition says that the Cowdells did "sell unto your petitioner the sayd house and land belonging to it." Lower house record of October 7, 1645 says "for a bargaine of sale of a certaine house in Boston, with two ackers of land”—evidently mixing up the two acres on Long Island with the land on which the tenement stood. (We have no idea that G66 was 2 acres.) 

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