Thursday, June 13, 2019

Falsely Accused

Early land transfers, Detroit and Wayne County, Michigan ... 1703-1869...:

CUILLIERRIE, Alexis, of Montreal, falsely accused by John Myer during the Indian War of 1763, of having drowned a child, was granted his freedom by General Gage, Commander-in-Chief of the King's Armies in America.  Witnesses: ?  Rec. June 13, 1769
Vol. A, p. 91
Background information regarding the incident:

"Another party [of Native Americans] went up the river to the Isle aux Cochons (Belle Isle) where lived James Fisher, a former sergeant of the English Army, with his wife and two children and some accounts say four soldiers and a servant. They were surprised and murdered with the exception of the two children, who were carried as captives to the Indian camp."

 "The Fisher children were later given over to a Mr. Peltier who took them to their uncle in the fort where one of them, Marie, died at the age of fifteen months. "...Alexis Cuillerier, son of Antoine and brother of the famous Angelique, shortly after the war was over was accused by one Jean Myer of having drowned one of the Fisher children."

"He was tried by a military tribunal at Detroit and the commandant expelled him from the village and banished him from the community. Later developments ended in a new investigation which cleared Cuillerier of the crime, and on June 4, 1769, Capt. George Turnbull had him recalled. This was not done until all the facts had been laid before General Gage and his consent had been obtained." [Source]

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