Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Alexander Cameron, Devisee H-1152

Heir and Devisee H-1152:

[Image 105]
Claim #7
About 30 May 1808
Alexander Cameron, John McDougal and Duncan Murchison, of Lancaster, Yeomen, the three surviving Executors names in the Will of the late John Cameron of Lancaster, deceased
Lot: East half of Lot 30; 1st Concession
Lot 13; 9th Concession
Lancaster, Eastern District
Original Nominee: John Cameron

Allowed Lot No. 13 in the 9th Concession of Lancaster, to Alexander Cameron, John McDougal, and Duncan Murchison, in Trust to the uses of the Will of John Cameron, of the Township of Lancaster, in the County of Glengarry, dated the 10th day of April 1799.

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