Sunday, March 5, 2017

Silvester Richmond Deed 1-290 In Ontario County

Ontario County, New York, Deeds

Richmond, Silvester, et al
Ontario County, New York
Deed #1-290
1 November 1788

"...Gorham....Phelps....[2,496 pounds money]...paid by John Smith of Dighton...Silvester Richmond, Esq., and Calvin Jacobs, gentlemen, and both of Dighton aforesaid...the following real estate situated in the State of New York and County of Ontario, viz, all that part of Township number nine in the third range of Townships, already laid out...on and westerly of Canandaigua Lake also a tract lying and bounding on the west side of said township...

More about land secured on behalf of the Dighton Land Company can be seen here.

Scheduled to be cross-posted at Richmonds & Connected Lineages in November, 2017.

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