Thursday, March 2, 2017

McKee's Treaty And Land

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"To secure legal title for the British Crown, Colonel Alexander McKee, Indian agent, was tasked with negotiating a treaty for the lands of the District."

"Even so, the First Nations maintained that the La Tranche river (literally The Trench, later known as the Thames) should be the northern limit of the purchase."

"By 1790, nearly 30 squatters were already settled along the La Tranche.  European settlement seemed inevitable. On May 21, 1790 the First Nations acceded to McKee’s pressure and the treaty, now known as the McKee Treaty, was signed at Detroit." 

More about the area here.

Specifically mentioned were the townships of Romney and East Tilbury.

Romney Township, Kent County, Ontario, Canada

Source (Portion of Survey of the McKee Treaty Lands)

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