Thursday, January 26, 2017

Elisha Backus In 71-250 And 72-390

"Bac" Index [Image 44]

Elisha Backus 71-250 [Image 415] and Elisha Backus, et al 72-390 [Image 215] in the index above.

Ontario County, New York,
Deed# 71-250
1 October 1841
Dewitt C. Dickinson, of Phelps, County of Ontario, New York
Elisha Backus, of Utica, County of Oneida, New York

....bounded on the north by the Auburn and Rochester Railroad and lands formerly owned by Isaac M. Norton on the west by lands owned by H. G. and L. B. Hotchkiss on the south by lands of the heirs of Russell Bement.....

Also mentioned: William Dickinson, Mary Vosburgh, Leman B. Hotchkiss, Hiram G. Hotchkiss and Mary (his wife), James G. Austin, J.P.

Ontario County, New York
Deed# 72-390
21 May 1842
Abraham Windfield
Of Arcadia, Wayne, New York
Elisha Backus and Chauncey Halliday
Of Phelps, Ontario, New York
Also mentioned: Horace Peck, the late Russell Bement, Ishmael Lane, Joel Phillips, 

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