Tuesday, January 31, 2017

David Embury's Documents

Documents located at Heir and Devisee : H-1138:

David Embury

The document at Image 95 dated the 10th May 1797, at Fredericksburg, stated that David Embury gave up his title at said lot to Philip Smith in exchange for other lands. John Embury and Alex Clark were witnesses

Also see Images 331 [Document signed by David Embury and Mary Embury], 352, 353, 354

An entry for David Embury at Ancestry.com:

"Born in Ballingarane, Ireland on 1724 to Andreas Imberger and Margrath Ruckle. David married Margaret Sleet and had 4 children. He passed away on 1832 in Fredericksburgh, Ontario, Canada."

See an entry for Embury at the Burleigh fonds here.  Valentine Embury, who died in Michigan was mentioned here and here.

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