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Mrs. Reynolds' Destroyed Property

Proceedings Of A Board Of Commissioners
Pursuant Of Special Field Orders No. 286 & 287
Department Of The Cumberland
Chattanooga, Tenn.
Nov. 20th, 1863


Claim of Mariah Reynolds
Col. P.S. Post, 59th Ills. Vols.
Lt. Col. I. B. Kerr, 74th Ills. Vols.
Lieutenant W. J. Vance, 21st Ohio Vols., Recorder
Mr. Wm. Crutchfield, Chattanooga

Mrs. Sarah McCormack...large lot on High Street
Mrs. Catherine Enright...lot near the on Market Street, near the Depot....
Miss Eliza was on King Street...frame house, two rooms, one story roof...was unfinished...the house lacked chimney and roof...Mr. Reynolds is at home, but Mrs. Reynolds owns the property
Henry Wormleighter?...[also described the unfinished house]
John F. Sanders...Mrs. Reynolds also lost one horse spring wagon worth twenty-five dollars ($25.00) or thirty dollars ($30.00) soldiers took it to army blacksmith shop, she lost a house, feather bed, and some other things...

Mrs. Reynolds...soldiers took the bed, they had an order but did not leave it...they took it to a brick hospital (supposed to be the officers hospital)...I own the house, am not a widow, have deed (dated 5 September 1863) for the house.  The house that was torn down and fence destroyed was on Market Street.  Lot was 25 feet front by 210 feet back

Note: A member of the above-mentioned board, P.S. Post, was a Medal Of Honor recipient.

This one?

14th District, Hamilton, Tennessee
Birthplace England
Anderson Reynolds M 50 Tennessee
Maria Reynolds F 42 England
John Saunders M 14 Kentucky
Margaret Reynolds F 12 Tennessee

There's a will for Anderson Reynolds [dated 17 July 1860] in Hamilton County, Tennessee:

Page 41 [Image 39]
Anderson Reynolds
"...wife's widow name at the time of their marriage was Maria Thompson...".
Her children were Leticia McCormack, John, Thomas, Sanders

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