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Remembrance Grant's Widow In Deed 52-193

Source [Image 102]
Livingston County, New York
13 September 1855

Randall Terrell and Clarissa Terrell, his wife, formerly Clarissa Grant, widow of Remembrance Grant, deceased, of Eaton, Lorain County, Ohio, of the first part...James McCarter...of the second part...

Eaton, Lorain, Ohio, United States
Randall Terrel M 47 Connecticut
Sally Terrel F 39 New York
Leverett J Terrel M 18 Ohio
Viola W Terrel F 16 Ohio
Hellen Terrel F 12 Ohio
Willis Terrel M 6 Ohio

Eaton, Lorain, Ohio, United States
Randall Terrill M 58 Connecticut
Clarrisa Terrill F 52 New York
Augusta Webster F 24 New York
Willis Terrill M 16 Ohio
Catherine Terrill F 9 Ohio

Minnesota Deaths and Burials
Name Willis Randall Terrell
Death Date 20 May 1908
Death Place Pipestone, Minnesota
Birth Date 03 Jan 1844
Birthplace Ohio
Occupation Farmer
Marital Status Married
Father's Name Randall Terrell
Father's Birthplace Conn.
Mother's Name S... Cole
Mother's Birthplace Conn.

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