Friday, September 23, 2016

Indian Creek In West Virginia

Source - Library Of Congress

From the Roark Message Board at Rootsweb:

"... a map...'Johnson's Virginia, Delaware, Maryland & West Virginia 1864' to locate Indian Creek and Buffalo Creek where William Roark (b 1760) owned property. Indian Creek is located in the SE corner of today's Monroe County WV, across from Craig and Giles Counties VA. Buffalo Creek is located in today's Clay County WV and appears to possibly be an offshoot of Elk River."


Geolover said...

That post shows that there was more than one Buffalo Creek in present WV and definitely more than one Indian Creek as well.

But William Roark's land on waterways by those names was in present-day Marion County. There, a Buffalo Creek was quite a large watershed through Mannington District and meandering eastward to Fairmont. The Indian Creek where Roark owned land is a north-to-south creek in what is now Lincoln District, Marion County.

PalmsRV said...

Thank you for your valuable and most needed comment!

Geolover said...

You are so welcome, and thank you for posting your diggings.

There is another Indian Creek not far away, in Monongalia County not far west of the Monongahela River.

I know about the location of the Marion County one because one of my ancestors, Henry Amos, bought from Roark and the land was in Amos family hands for another 40 years (devised to grandsons by Henry in his will).

These same-named streams can be confusing in records of Virginia grants in the vicinity if one does not pursue their further histories.

PalmsRV said...

Small world with the Roark / Amos connection!