Sunday, June 19, 2016

Explaining Cayuga County Deed Records

An original paper upon early records in Cayuga County clerk's office...:

This system of Miscellaneous and Reservation deed records thus commenced was continued through Liber C. M. R., which is interpreted " Miscellaneous Cayuga Records B;" Liber M. R, W. C, which means " Miscellaneous Record, Reservation and Wolcott Deeds C," and Liber M. R. W. D., which signifies, "Liber D, Miscellaneous Record, Reservation and Wolcott Deeds." From this time the series was wholly devoted to Reservation deeds, and a new series of miscellaneous records was commenced under the title of " Miscellaneous Records A." Both of these are continued today under the system inaugurated at that time.

The occasion for recording Wolcott deeds in separate volumes from other military land books in Cayuga county clerk's office, has been a matter of considerable conjecture for some became evident that the line was run incorrectly... .

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